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Photo Scavenger Hunt: April 15th - April 22nd

Visit Conroe is introducing a brand-new interactive activity for citizens & tourists alike, a photo scavenger hunt.

Participants are asked to scout out certain items around Conroe and snap the best picture to submit to the scavenger hunt collector, and the best two pictures will not only be chosen to win a prize, but also be used in Visit Conroe's media marketing! Photographers that are chosen for their pictures will be given credit for their picture that will be displayed in one of Visit Conroe's marketing materials. 

Amateur and professional photographers are encouraged to participate in this fun and interactive activity that will take place four times a year.

For more information, click on the corresponding links that include the rules and requirements. Below you will see the item list as well as both amateur/professional photo collectors, please submit all photos into the appropriate collector. Happy hunting!



​​Spring 2024 Hunt



Amateur Collector



Professional Collector