Become a Conroe Texpert

Becoming a Conroe Texpert means knowing Conroe all around, from its naturescapes and outdoor adventures to its artistic and culinary side to the deep roots that shape our town. Whatever direction you go, you will discover the charm and beauty that make Conroe a truly special Texas destination. 

Ready to become a Conroe Texpert? Come by the Visitor Center (located downtown in Conroe Tower, 300 West Davis Street hours Monday-Thursday 7:30 AM–5:30 PM, and Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM) to pick up your Texpert patch (or sticker!). Need help finding us? Call (936) 522-3500. Limit one patch or sticker per person.

Lake Conroe

Texpert Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe is a 22,000 acre lake with 147 miles of shoreline. Try your hand at fishing, boating, watersports, paddling, or cruising on an authentic riverboat to check Lake Conroe off the list!



Hiking, Biking & More

Texpert Family Hike

Home to both state and national forests, Conroe, Texas is framed by towering pines. The Sam Houston National Forest borders Lake Conroe and includes a stretch of the Lone Star Hiking Trail, the longest continuous hiking trail in Texas (128 miles!). The W. Goodrich Jones State Forest is another perfect outdoor destination with nature trails, picnic tables, horseback riding, birding and even fishing. Visit either of these destinations for a check mark!



Lone Star Monument and Historical Flag Park

Texpert Flag Park

This historic and memorable destination celebrates Texas history with 13 battle flags that flew as Texas won her independence. The outdoor museum also features a 14-foot bronze statue of a common Texas Revolution era soldier known as “The Texian.” You won’t want to miss this stop on the Texpert checklist!



Historic Downtown


Texpert Historic Downtown

Charming and quaint downtown Conroe is the perfect place for a stroll. Admire our art benches and murals as you walk the streets. Stop into any of our boutique or locally owned shops or art galleries and come one step closer to being a Conroe Texpert. A few popular downtown destinations include Main Street Mercantile, Conroe Central Market, Mimi’s on Main, Mod Boutique, Compobella Bronze Fine Art Studio and the art gallery at The Madeley Building.



 Local Flavor

Texpert Red Brick Tavern

Enjoy culinary tourism at one (or more!) of our many local restaurants. The Red Brick Tavern, McKenzie’s BBQ, Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish, Pacific Yard House, Joe’s Pizza & Pasta, Vernele’s Bakery & Cafe, The Toasted Yolk and Pie in the Sky are just a few of our favorite places to dine. Take a bite from any authentically-Conroe restaurant to earn your next check mark!



Crighton Theatre & Owen Theatre

Texpert Chrighton

Art is alive and thriving in Conroe, Texas. You won’t want to miss a visit to our historic vaudeville Crighton Theatre, built in 1934 or our art-deco inspired Owen Theatre. Earning a Texpert check is now the perfect excuse for a night out. Don’t forget we have a free downtown shuttle running Friday and Saturday evenings too!



Live Music

Texpert Live Music

Conroe was designated a music friendly city by the Office of the Governor in 2018, and live music can be heard every night of the week. Stop into top destinations like Pacific Yard House, Corner Pub, and Red Brick Tavern to hear local tunes and cross live music off your Texpert list.



The Heritage Museum of Montgomery County

Texpert Heritage Museum

The Heritage Museum of Montgomery County features exhibits chronicling the county’s roots, from lumber and oil industries to everyday county residents. The museum is housed in a historic home built in 1924 and is a must-see for Conroe Texperts!




Texpert Birding

Conroe is a world-renowned destination for birding, attracting visitors from all over the country to spot unique birds like the red cockaded woodpecker. With 333 unique species, even as a birding novice, you’re sure to catch a glimpse of colorful birds singing curious melodies high in the treetops or graceful long-winged birds as they hover across the water. Our state and national forests are top birding destinations but you can spot birds just about anywhere along your Texpert journey!



Craft Beverages

Texpert Fass

Finding the perfect brew is a great way to slow down and relax in Conroe. Try unique flavors by local brewers likeB-52 Brewing Co, Fass Brewing, and Copperhead Brewery. Not into beer? Conroe is also home to other craft beverage destinations like BE Winery, Bartlett’s Distillery or The Ferm Meadery. This will be the easiest check mark on your list!



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