Fishing Spots

Lake Conroe is by far the top fishing spot in Conroe. Lake Conroe is the largest attraction for visitors to the area. The lake is mainly used for recreation purposes, that includes fishing, boating, and watersports. Largemouth bass is the most pursued sportfish in the lake. The best time to reel-in a largemouth is in early spring through mid-fall in shallow areas near marinas or boat docks. There is a decent size population, with the potential growth for award winning bass. Hybrid striped bass are becoming more popular and can be caught year-round. Channel Catfish are abundant and can be caught year-round. Bluegills are also located in Lake Conroe in great proportions. Lake Conroe has several public boat ramps.

Lake Conroe has a variety of aquatic plants including emergent, submergent, flooded timbers, hydrilla and grass carp. Some standing timber still remains in the lake, typically submerged, boaters are encouraged to be cautious in these areas. Bulkheads and boat docks dominate the shoreline in the southern part of the lake. The northern part of the lake, within the Sam Houston National Forest, have fewer man-made features along the shoreline.

Carl Barton Jr. Park is Conroe’s largest municipal park at 201 acres. This park has a large pond that is suitable for fishing. Throughout the year Texas Parks and Wildlife stock this pond with trout. Kid Fish is a yearly event put on by the Parks and Recreation department. This program is to encourage families to get outdoors. Children ages 16 and younger can participate in hands-on learning how to fish.

Just north of Conroe is Huntsville State Park where you can enjoy multiple water activities on the 210-acre Lake Raven. Enjoy fishing for crappie, perch, catfish and bass. W.G Jones State Forest offers limited fishing on their two ponds.

Please be aware of Texas Parks and Wildlife fishing license and regulations.