Conroe is a year-round destination.  The warm climate allows for outdoor experiences all year long.  When planning a trip – you will find the forests green in the spring, the lake is just the perfect temperature for a dip in the summer, and the trees around town are beautiful shades of orange and red in the Fall.  Come to Conroe and enjoy!

Temperatures in the spring range from mid-50s at night to 85 degrees in the daytime.  Occasional showers keep the forest and tree-lined lake green and fresh.  This is a perfect time to explore the trails and spend time in nature!

Summer temperatures range from 70 degrees at night to 90-100+ degrees in the daytime.  Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy all of the lake activities – rent a boat or jet ski, hop on a party barge or dinner cruise, enjoy the public beach areas.  Or if the lake is not your thing, take a plunge in the pools at the hotels or the water park at Candy Cane Park!

Temperatures can fluctuate in the fall.  Nighttime temperatures are around 65 degrees in early fall – or around 45 degrees later in the season.  Daytime temperatures can range from 70-90.  The crisp air at night makes it the perfect time to enjoy outdoor dining, concerts at any of our music venues, or tours and tastings at our area craft beverage venues.

During the winter months – the temperatures can fall to the low 40s at night and 60s during the daytime.  Pack layers if you are visiting in the winter so that you can enjoy a cool hike through the forest or spend some time indoors in historic downtown.

Whenever you visit – you will find that just like the rest of Texas – if you don’t like the weather, stick around – it’s likely to change by tomorrow!