The Power of Tourism

National Travel and Tourism Week

National Travel and Tourism Week 2021 recognizes the "Power of Travel" and the industry's role in bringing back our vibrant communities, restoring the economy, rebuilding our workforce and reconnecting America. 

Join Visit Conroe in celebrating National Travel and Tourism Week 2021! Visit your favorite local tourist attraction or restaurant. Help us recognize leaders in our community by nominating them below. 

In recognition of National Travel and Tourism Week, Visit Conroe will:

  • Recognize 3 Hero's in Tourism through your nominations (see below) Nominee submissions are due by Friday, April 16th.
  • Post videos from industry leaders highlighting the importance of travel
  • Highlight the amazing attractions Conroe has to offer tourists and locals
  • Recognize tourism through a fun social media campaign bringing awareness to the importance the industry plays to Conroe. 


As we begin to move forward in 2021, we must all stick together, support each other, and remember that even through difficult times, the "Power of Travel" is vital and necessary.



Please nominate someone you feel is deserving of one of the following awards below!


Hospitality Hero

A Hospitality Hero is someone who consistently goes above and beyond with great customer service. They truly show what Hospitality means. Someone who does their best to welcome visitors to our community! (can be an individual or a business)


Committed to Conroe

A Committed to Conroe candidate is someone who has a passion to draw positive attention to Conroe. They are an advocate for Conroe – someone who brings fresh ideas, new businesses or an impactful event to continue to grow Conroe as a destination.

Community Champion

A Community Champion is someone who has consistently promoted a variety of aspects in the Conroe area. They serve as not only a Community Champion, but also a community cheerleader.