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Outdoor Adventures in Conroe, TX

Adventures Are Bigger in Texas: Outdoor Daytrips

Are you ready to put down your phone and reconnect with the great outdoors? Conroe, Texas, is the place for you. Plan your next outdoor adventure in Conroe, which has everything from wild water excursions to relaxing hikes in scenic spots.

Cool off with water adventures

Lake Conroe

One hour north of downtown Houston, Lake Conroe is a man-made lake with 22,000 acres of surface water for you to enjoy water skiing, jet skiing, swimming and fishing. Its man-made “attractor” reefs draw in plenty of fish, from largemouth bass—the lake’s record weighed 15.93 pounds—to black and white crappie. You can also take a cruise on the lake. Lunch and dinner cruises are available through companies such as Southern Empress, and sightseeing tours are available on pontoon boats offered through Lake Conroe Cruises and Tours and other tour companies. After a day of splashing in the water, visit one of the breweries and grills like Southern Star Brewing Company or B-52 Brewing Company for a delicious bite to eat and a cold brew to wash it down.


If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, make a stop at HydroRockets. You’re in for a speedy adventure when you test out jetboards, hoverboards and more hydroflight equipment on the water. Each piece of equipment allows you to fly 5 to 25 feet above the water, propelled by the thrust of an attached hose. Whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast, the experts at HydroRockets will ensure you have a memorable experience.

Chadillac's Backyard Water Park

Another popular watering hole in Conroe is the 15-acre Chadillac’s Backyard Water Park. Chadillac’s has activities that will keep you cool all day, including swimming, diving, zip lining and even sliding down a 50-foot slide into the water. Chadillac’s has food vendors on-site, but you can also bring your own food and beverages, which gives the park a casual barbecue atmosphere. Chadillac’s offers camping areas, making it a great spot for a weekend adventure. This public swimming spot is also a popular site for music festivals and events, so be sure to check its calendar for fun programs when you plan your visit!

Adventures on dry land

Lone Star Hiking Trail

Texas is home to four national forests, including Conroe’s Sam Houston National Forest. This 160,000-acre property is home to the hiker’s “Jewel of Texas”—the Lone Star Hiking Trail. The trail has a dozen access points and is less than 30 minutes from downtown Conroe, making it a convenient location to get to. The natural trail is mostly sandy with some grassy areas and creeks, and it is an excellent location for you to spot wildlife, including white-tailed deer, turkey, foxes and quail.


W. Goodrich Jones State Forest is a popular site for bird-watching, which is a huge draw for people visiting Texas. This 1,773-acre property is used by the Texas Forest Service to study forest management techniques and ecology, so you might stumble upon research projects as you bird-watch. No hunting is allowed in the forest, making it a peaceful spot for you go horseback riding on the Sweetleaf Nature Trail and enjoy a picnic. Keep your eyes open for the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, which Texas A&M Forest Service and Texas Parks and Wildlife is working to protect within the forest. These black and white birds create nests inside of pine trees. If you’re looking for a guided-birding experience, check out Darrell Vollert Birding Tours. Vollert, a birding expert and Texas native, leads private-birding tours throughout the state. He has decades of experience in the field and is an active member of the National Audubon Society and the American Bird Conservancy. Vollert’s tours are usually limited to 10 to 15 people at a time, so be sure to book yours in advance. A tour will take you through one of several different forests and preserves in the Conroe area, and Vollert will give you a good idea of which bird species you can expect to see on the tour based on the area you all hike in.


When you’re at home, it can be hard to do something as simple as enjoying a walk in the park. You might not even live near one. When you visit Conroe, that won’t be an issue. Take a break at one of its many idyllic parks. Candy Cane Park includes ADA compliant playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts and the Conroe Aquatic Center. If you’re more interested in a pickup game of soccer, softball or baseball, Carl Barton Jr. Park will be a great fit for you. It also has a 10-mile jogging trail and a fishing pond. Heritage Place Park is 2.5 acres and is a popular site for craft fairs, festivals and concerts, with plenty of green space for you to take in. Finally, if you’re looking to brush up on your history on your stroll, check out Lone Star Monument and Historical Flag Park. This outdoor museum features more than a dozen historical battle and rally flags, similar to those flown during the Texas Revolution. It is also home to a 14-foot bronze sculpture, the “Texian.”


Finally, what better way to connect with the great outdoors on your adventure than by sleeping under the stars? The Lake Conroe/Houston North KOA has both premium campsites, which include water and electrical access, and sites with no hookups available if you’d prefer a traditional camping experience. Campsites are available at many of the area’s parks and forests including Sam Houston National Forest. Sam Houston National Forest has three developed campgrounds with access to a hot shower—which you will definitely earn after your outdoor adventures in Conroe.

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